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We are located within Fantasia Crystals at 3510 e. Bell Rd Phoenix, Az 85032

Arizona's premier in-person place to explore the mystical arts

Our School of Magickal Arts mission is to educate seekers and practitioners of Magick; teaching tools and techniques to students on their spiritual journey. 

Curriculum Includes:

Ritual & Magickal Tools

Divination Basics


Crystals for Beginners

Paganism 101


Candle Magick Basics


Gods & Spiritual Beings


Magickal Symbols


Trance & Meditation


Working with the Elements


Wheel of the Year




Energy & Magick Basics

Arcane Knowledge Awaits You

Facilitating Your Personal Spiritual Journey

The School of Magickal Arts curriculum is designed to help seekers gain fundamental spiritual knowledge that flows through various spiritual paths.

Enrolling in the School Of Magickal Arts is simple!

How to reserve your space for classes: 

Click here to check out our upcoming classes and make a reservation for classes you are interested in- that's it!

Our Curriculum:

Classes are $20 each (cash or card) and approximately 2 hours long.

and are for ages 13 and up with paid parent in attendance.

Energy and Magick Basics - Explore the fundamentals of magick and energy, including techniques to raise, move, and direct the flow and impact of energy in our lives.  


Crystals For Beginners - Learn simple and effective ways of working with the subtle energies found within Crystals, rocks and minerals. You can use these energies to help create the positive changes you are seeking in your life. 


Working With The Elements - The natural world is created, destroyed, and reborn through the majesty of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Learn how to connect with the power of these four elements. 


Magickal Symbols 101 - Symbols are tools humans use to interpret, and create reality. Join us as we explore the fundamentals of symbol meanings, as well as techniques for using symbols magically. 


Candle Magick For Beginners -  In this class you will learn easy and successful tips for potent candle magic that you can do any time you are in need. We will discuss cleansing, charging and sealing your intent into candles, as well as proper colors, lunar phases and times of day. 


Gods and Spiritual Beings - Ally's in the spirit world are essential to a magickal practice. Join us as we explore the light and shadow sides of fairies, angels, guides, gods, land and ancestor spirits. 


Divination Basics: Tarot, Runes, Pendulums & More - The world of divination is huge and we have many tools at our disposal to tap into. Learn the basics of tapping into hidden information so we can avoid obstacles or work our way towards blessings in our path. 


Ritual and Magickal Tools - For this class we will share techniques for creating sacred, protected space for ritual work, meditation and magickal processes. We will examine some commonly used tools within spiritual traditions and discuss how to use them. 


Wortcunning: Herbs, Incense and Oils - Information will be offered to students regarding the different types of oils, resins and herbs. Tips will be given on basic medical and magickal Herbalism, as well as the power of blending your own oils, potions, incense and more! 


Trance and Meditations Basics - Trance and Meditation are techniques for opening your consciousness to deeper levels of self knowledge, higher levels of universal truth, and information that is stored in the collective unconscious. 

Wheel of the Year: The Cycle of the Seasons -  Join us for an introduction to Pagan holy days, and the connection they offer us to the gods and community. Learn how you can use the Wheel to find balance in the rhythms of life and death.

Paganism 101: Earth Based Spirituality For Our Modern World -  The word 'Pagan' can still be overwhelming to a well-seasoned practitioner. During this exploration of historical and modern Pagan traditions, we will help clarify many misconceptions and define many commonly used terms within paganism, which will allow for a greater understanding of the word pagan itself.

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